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Read content on your level

Language learning through genuine news based on your level and interests.

Simple Translation

Translate words in real news articles with a simple double-click.

Songs with Lyrics

Listen to songs in your target language. Read and translate lyrics as you do so.

Watch Videos

Improve your listening comprehension by watching videos divided into interest categories.

Save and Memorize

Save all unknown words with just a click; review them later with exercises to ensure that you remember them for good.
Then review and master studylist vocabulary using spaced-repetition Flashcards.

What our users say
A superb idea you have here, something so obvious finally neatly realized.
Peter Simon Student of German
What a fantastic website and sound pedagogy for language learning! Thank you for your creativity.
Steve Berneking Student of French
That is a brilliant idea. I’ve seen a lot of the technologies you use already but never put together so well in one place.
Dominic Traynor Teacher of Spanish
I really love Linguistadores, everyday I spend some time reading articles, watching videos or discovering music.
Jens Gruyaert Learner of Dutch